Bulk email HTML sales blurb to all clinets with one click

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Bulk email HTML sales blurb to all clinets with one click

Postby sami » Sat Nov 12, 2005 8:15 am

Ezi Accounting Bulk email feature is a very powerful feature that has the potential to seriously boost your business sales and affect your bottom line in a big way; all it takes is a little imagination on how to market your products and some knowledge in creating HTML sales files using MS FrontPage or similar product. And if you are serious about advertising, I recommend using a professional to create HTML templates for your business that you can use and reuse unlimited number of times.
Now to see how Ezi Accounting can do the donkey work in sending your advertising HTML, click on SALES > ADD/MODIFY CLIENTS then click the BULK EMAIL button, you will then have the bulk email screen opened, Tick the ASK FOR RECEIPT option if you want to a confirmation reply from your clients, then enter a catchy SUBJECT LINE, next in the Message type click the FILE radio button, and in MESSAGE FILE field, enter the HTML file name including its location (you can click the small square to browse for the file interactively). You are now ready to email the ad to all of your client list with a valid email address, however, if you wish to remove one or more clients from the list, click on the EMAIL RECIPIENTS TAB and untick the ones you do not wish to email, you can right click the TICKS HEADER to remove all or LEFT CLICK it to include all, then go back to the EMAIL DETAILS TAB and click the EMAIL button then watch the system send the email to all contacts, once done you will get an email status report.
Please note that it is legal to email your clients if they gave you their email address and you have been dealing with them, however, if a client asks you to stop your emails to them, just go to the client card and tick the NO BULK EMAIL option, this will stop the system from including the client on your next email run.
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