Printing Invoices as Hardcopy or PDF Files

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Printing Invoices as Hardcopy or PDF Files

Postby graham » Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:42 am

The functions for creating invoices are under Sales -> Invoicing/Quotations.

Once an invoice has been created, left click on the Print button or F3 can be used to print one copy of an invoice to the default printer assigned by Windows.

If you wish to chose the printer, do a right click on the Print button. The printer can then be selected from a pull-down list of printers. The number of copies can be changed as well.

If you wish to a print preview of an invoice, do a right click on the Save button. This will cause the invoice to be be previewed, and optionally printed by clicking on the printer icon.

A PDF file is generated at the same time as the print preview. The name of the file will be SIxxx.pdf, where xxx is the number of the invoice. The PDF file will be in the designated path for temporary files. This will often be C:\temp. For safe keeping, the PDF file should be moved to a different folder. If you wish, the PDF can be sent to the customer by E-Mail.

The folder for temporary files is set under Maintenance -> System Setup -> General. It is important that the chosen folder exists.

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