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Backups of Ezi Accounting

Postby graham » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:23 am

We have recently had several customers asking about backups. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Use a program like WinZip to create a backup saveset of all your key folders. The saveset should be created in a top level folder like C:\Backups. If possible, copy the backups to a different server. Copy the WinZip download to the C:\Downloads folder.

1) Always keep the download used to install/upgrade the software in a safe place (e.g. C:\Downloads). You may need this to re-install the software.

2) Take a regular backup of all the files associated with Ezi Accounting. The default folder is C:\Ezi_w. At the same time backup other folders needed for your business. Keep the backups in a folder like C:\Backups.

3) When you exit from Ezi Accounting, specify a Backup To folder (e.g. C:\EZI_backup), then click on the Backup Now button. Wait for the "Backup has finished successfully" message. The folder for the backup should be in different folder, ideally on a different disk.

Get into the habit of making regular backups, especially after key periods like end of month or significant events like a major update. Always do a backup before software upgrades.

If you cannot remember to do backups, you need an automated backup system. Consider buying a DAT drive and software like TapeWare. This will allow a full backup of you full hard drive. Make sure the backups are run at night when Ezi Accounting is not running.

For save keeping, copy all the backup savesets to a CD Writer and take the CD off site, either to your home or to an off-site store. Label each CD with a description and the date of the backup.

Verify that you can restore from you backups - to a different folder or to a different server. It will save time if have the same hardware and software at a different location. If you have a fire or theft, you need to be sure that you can restore the data as fast as possible.

A USB memory stick can be used to transfer data, but these are not reliable, and they can only be used for a limited number of operations.

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