Setting up E-mail feature

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Setting up E-mail feature

Postby Full Bobbin » Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:10 am

I recently downloaded the program for evaluation. I am having trouble setting up the program to send documents electronically. All e-mails to Ezi Accounting have been returned as undeliverable. I can only believe there is a technical protocol problem between US and UK. But, since I'm not an IT person, I can only guess.

Sending an invoice e-mail results in an error message #505. I have eliminated all causes listed in the message and still cannot send. My ISP provided the SMTP information.

Please help. Without this feature, the purpose of changing software is defeated for me.
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Postby sami » Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:52 am

The message -505 - Error Initiating Conversation With Mail Server indicates there is a problem with talking to your mail server. Please be aware that the emailing will not work with the public email network such as Google's GMAIL, HOTMAIL and other similar services. They use their own protocols which we can't use for emailing, you need to use your own ISP to send and receive emails, you may use your public email address but the POP and SMTP servers must be your ISP's. If you care to email me on regarding your problem, I will try to sort it out for you ASAP, otherwise, if you give me your ISP name and URL, I can check out their site and let you know the correct email settings, and if the problem is common, I will post the responses on this forumn for the benefit of others.
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