Using an Image File for Business Details on Invoices

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Using an Image File for Business Details on Invoices

Postby graham » Mon Feb 27, 2006 12:02 am

In order to add or change the details of your business, go to Maintenance -> System Setup, then click on the Company tab.

The Business Name is the base for the licence key, so this cannot be changed unless the software is under evaluation. The Location and Address can be set as free text.

For smarter invoices, it is best to use a Business Logo File. This replaces the Business Name, Location, Address on invoices, quotions and purchase orders. The image can be used for any details you like, as well as a logo. It is best to use a .JPG or .GIF file. This can be created use an image editor. There are free programs available, or PowerPoint can be used.

You will need to experiment with the resolution and the size of the image, then print an invoice to see how it looks. I have used up to 200 x 400 pixels, with 100 pixels per inch (40 pixels per cm.).

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