Ezi Accounting 1.90 is Available Now - Major Upgrade

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Ezi Accounting 1.90 is Available Now - Major Upgrade

Postby graham » Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:03 am

Version 1.90 of Ezi Accounting is available for download. This is a major upgrade (the first for more than 2 years) that requires a new licence key, so existing customers will need to pay to upgrade to Version 1.90.

The update includes a new installer that allows cleaner installation on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Also FoxPro has been upgraded. There also some new features and bug fixes. The backup feature in Version 1.90 requires no changes after the installation.

The download can be installed as an upgrade or as a install from the URL below.


Always backup your files before upgrading Retail-Man. WinZip is recommended. The new software has to be installed in exactly the same folder as the current software. A re-index of files is recommended after an upgrade. Then run some reports to ensure that original data is still available.

>> If there are major issues, all the original files and data should be replaced by those from the backup, otherwise No Restore From Backup should be made!! <<

After upgrading it is best to take a second backup of the folder containing Ezi Accounting.

Note that customers with licences for version 1.70.x or 1.80.x software will need to purchase a new licence key before the upgrade can be installed. Please see the web link below for the pricing of upgrades.


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