Configuration of Pole Displays

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Configuration of Pole Displays

Postby graham » Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:13 pm

There can be some issues in getting a pole display working with Retail-Man. The following should be of assistance for most models of display.

1) Configure Retail-Man
Create a GENERIC PRINTER (Text Only) Windows Driver and name it Pole Display, then use that as the pole display driver in the Retail Man System.

Maintenance > System Setup > Hardware

Tick the box beside Custoner Pole Display. Then ensure that the codes are set as below.

Home Code = CHR(11)
CR Key = CHR(13)

Save the settings.

2) Configure the Pole Display
Ensure that emulation Mode = EPSON, with the following default parameters.

* Cursor = Non - Displayable
* Default Mode = Overwrite
* use defined font = 2 Characters
* Brightness Control = YES
* Pass through Function = YES
* Leading code Change = NO
* Code Page Select = YES
* Timer Clock = Yes

the above parameters are the default with the Epson emulation, so once you set the emulation to Epson (usually through switches), the above parameters will be the default, unless there are other hardware switches you can set on/off.

3) Test the System
The system should work with the above settings for most types of hardware. It is normally best to get a bar-code reader working first, before making changes for the Pole Display.

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