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Payment screen

Postby sami » Sat Nov 05, 2005 3:02 pm

Hi Guys,

We have had some queries regarding the proper use of the payment screen in the invoicing and purchasing sections of the system. You have to enter the amount paid on the left hand side, and then use the OUTSTANDING column to pay the invoices that are covered by that payment. You can always part pay or even over pay an invoice by simply placing the cursor on the Outstanding cell and using the keyboard to enter the amount, once done, press <Enter> and the cursor moves to the next cell down, note that you can also use the mouse left and right keys on the OUTSTANDING HEADING and CELLS, go ahead and try it, you will notice right mouse click on the heading will zero all the outstanding cells, while left click will put the outstanding amount back, while mouse click on the cell itself will change the cell itself. You can also use the From and To dates to filter the payment using these dates. But the system will not allow you to save until you get the total of the OUTSTANDING column and the Amount field on the left hand side equal. You can also force the system to pay the earliest invoices first by going to MAINTENANCE > SYSTEM SETUP > PAYMENTS and tick AUTO FILL OUTSTANDING PAYMENT option then save.
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