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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 3:19 am
by sami
Hi all,

There is an excellent free resource for your business for added security, a company called Mozy offers free internet backup (of up to 2 GB) for your important data. That's right, its free, and the data is encrypted so your data security is assured.

You will need your system to have an internet connection (ADSL) and once you setup Mozy, its all automatic. Every time you leave your system unattended for 30 minutes, Mozy will start backing up to their servers in the US and since uploads are not part of your internet quota, it costs you nothing.

To start your free subscription to Mozy, click on this link will give you an extra 250MB so your total backup quota will be 2.25GB, you can have more backup space by either subscribing to them for around $5 per month or by referring more people to them with a 0.25GB for each new client you refer to them who start using their service.

The recommended data to backup is your accounting information, emails and email settings and the My Documents folder (if you have important business documents)

That does not mean however that you should be slack in backing up your data locally, on the contrary, make sure you backup to a different local destination on a daily bases. The ideal is to keep a backup for each work day (such as Monday, Tuesday etc) and backup to that same destination each day of the week, also keep a monthly backup (done at the end of each month, January February, March etc.). This way, you will have 13 backups in total (5 daily for each week day, and 12 for each month of the year).

Note that backups should not be done to your local hard disk, but to an external source such as a Zip drive, memory stick, a CD, an external hard disk drive or another hard disk drive on the network. This way, if catastrophe strikes and you lose your computer, then you can always go back and retrieve the information from your backups.

The beauty about Mozy, apart from being free, secure and automatic is the ability to recall your data from anywhere in the world, so if you do travel and need to recall your data for any reason, you can do so easily.