Changing the Background of the Screens

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Changing the Background of the Screens

Postby graham » Mon Feb 27, 2006 12:39 am

The software is installed with a blue background with the Ezi Solution name. In order to add or change the background, go to Maintenance -> User Settings, select Master User, then click on the Settings button, then click on the interfaces tab.

The Desktop Picture File, can be used to replace the default image of EZI_BLUE.jpg with one that meets your requirements.

The image can be used to add any patterns or details you like, as well as a logo. It is best to use a .JPG or .GIF file. This can be created use an image editor. There are free programs available, or PowerPoint can be used.

You will need to experiment with the resolution and the size of the image, then see how the background looks. The standard image is 283 x 127 pixels, with 72 pixels per inch (28 pixels per cm.). The image gets tiled to fill the whole background.

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Postby sami » Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:05 am

Further to the above, you can also use you favorite digital photo to make it show in the background. Make sure you format the photo to the correct size. The program comes with a standard screen size of 800x600, if you use a larger screen, then you can use programs such as PAINT to play with the picture size to fit your screen.

By the way, each user on the system can have his/her own background pictures and colors (set up is done from MAINTENANCE > USER SETTTINGS > choose the user and click on the SETTINGS Button).

The supported files are BMP, JPG and GIF, but if you do need other formats, let us know.
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