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Stock taking (Stock Quantity Adjustment)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:09 pm
by capcolliedog
I need to complete a stock take but no matter where I look in the RM manual, I can't find definitive instructions for this most vital and basic of tasks. I'm guessing the Stock Quantity Adjustment screen is the correct place to input and I am walking round my shop with the laptop and barcode scanner. I have worked out to post to the Stock on Hand account but it's the method of entry that foxes me. When I bar code scan an item, I count the total quantity and then enter it in the 'Counted' field. This doesn't alter the 'On Hand' figure but does alter the 'Qty' field. I guess the 'On Hand' field doesn't update till I save the screen.

The problem I can't solve is this. If I scan Product A in one room of the store and count three of them I will enter '3' in the 'Counted' field. So far so good. But what happens when further into the stock take I find four more of Product A in a different room? I can't find a way the system can cope with this scenario yet it's a very common one. Shops have some stock on the shop floor and other instances of the same products in stores or maybe in post rooms. How can I deal with this? I might come across Product A and not even remember I have already entered a count of '3'. The reason this is even harder to deal with is that since restoring a back up after a PC crash, the original stock quantities are corrupted - where I know I only have one of a product, in many cases the system is reporting quantities of 5, 12, or even 60!

Please help, I'm struggling here and if you can tell me why my stock quantities keep changing after a back up restore I'd be grateful.

Regards, Si Taylor

Re: Stock taking (Stock Quantity Adjustment)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:23 pm
by capcolliedog
After completing the stock take with no further information forthcoming, I tried to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet and as has happened on random occasions before, the data is corrupted and fields are muddled up with most of the data lost! Luckily I took a backup from the application but after restoring these in the past the process of File Reindexing has corrupted the quantity data so I can't win...

Got to the stage now where I can't trust this package so I'm biting the bullet and purchasing the Microsoft Retail Management System. Sorry, but I just haven't had a good experience with Retail Man...