Purchase Orders & Purchase. How do you use yours?

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Purchase Orders & Purchase. How do you use yours?

Postby Jaeger » Fri May 05, 2006 2:28 pm

Penny (She who makes Lumpy Custard) and I have been looking at Purchase Orders and Purchase modules for most of today catching up with the back log created by Year End and the introduction of Retail Man.

We've got a 'System' which we feel meets the criteria we need and will allow us to take on any challenge to track goods delivered and Invoiced by Suppliers.
In our Industry (Luggage and Leathergoods) the suppliers are very prone to delivery in dribs and drabs, that's part orders.
So can take up to and exceed 5 deliveries to complete 1 Purchase Order.
This of course requires balances to be available to our people to check off and Purchases are required for each of the Invoices received from the Supplier, but still making the paper trail accountable for tracking; when; how and if goods are expected in. What's been invoiced and for how much and what remains outstanding for delivery.

As I am a 'New Comer' to Retail Man I would value the input of others in - how they control this area of their business using Retail Man. I will happily compare notes with anyone if they wish, but let's see if we can get a shared discussion to start with. I look forward to your replies.

(Oh ‘She who makes Lumpy Custard’ is my better half)
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