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Definitive list of Maintenance > Sytem Setup >

Postby Jaeger » Thu May 11, 2006 11:57 am

Hi Sami, Hello Graham, and all,

I've been trying to remember which sections of the System Setup Tabs are System Settings and which are Station Specific. Could I ask for a confirmed list here might help others too.

I'll put on what I beleive to be correct. This post will change as Sami and Graham update me.

Status I'll use ....

SYSTEM - (Entries effect all Stations)
STATION ONLY - (Applies only to the Station being worked on. Other Stations could have different settings)

(Tab Name) - Company -
Section - Business Details - SYSTEM
Section - Business Logo File - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - General (all selections) - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - Sales (all selections) - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - Stock (all selections) - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - Purchase (all selections) - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - P.O.S. -
Section - P.O.S. Screen Setup - SYSTEM
Section - P.O.S. Docket Setup - STATION ONLY? (I'm not 100% sure)
Section - Docket Header/Docket Footer - STATION ONLY? (I'm not 100% sure)

(Tab Name) - Hardware -
Section - Screen Resolution - STATION ONLY
Section - POS Printer - STATION ONLY
Section - Electronic Scale - STATION ONLY
Section - Customer Pole Display - STATION ONLY
Section - Cash Drawer - STATION ONLY

(Tab Name) - Payments - SYSTEM

(Tab Name) - Loyalty - SYSTEM
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