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Royalty program and gift voucher

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:14 am
by fengu
Hi, Graham
i have set and royalty program in the store. i issue membership cards to the customer and for every $200 they spent it will accrue 200 points and Rman will issue a $10 gift voucher. but i find 3 problems. first, when the customer using their voucher, the voucher amount is still accrue reward point for them, which i would like to avoid. second, if they do not spent all the amout on the voucher the Rman will issue a change amount as a new voucher. this is bit inconvinence as we require the voucher can only be used for one transaction for easy management. if we give changes especially small amount it is hard to manage. the last problem is when customer lay-by, the points will be accrued according to the purchase not payment. so after the voucher is issue to customer, if the customer canceled the lay-by she will still have the voucher in her hand and i will lost total voucher amount.
could you let me know how should i handle these situatioin?