Regdll.exe program (Version 2.7.x of Retail Man only)

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Regdll.exe program (Version 2.7.x of Retail Man only)

Postby graham » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:00 pm

Version 2.7.x of Retail Man POS only!

On systems with more than one POS station, customers may see errors like below on some POS stations.

Class definition CHILKAT_9_5_0.GLOBAL is not found

The fix is to run the Regdll.exe program on each POS Station. Ensure that you have Retail Man Version 2.7.6 or higher as we changed the way the system loads the chilkat library which seems to be causing issues on some computers.

Login to Windows on the server where Retail Man is installed.

1. Download the Regdll.exe program using the link below.

2. On the server, the Regdll.exe program must be copied to the folder where Retail Man is installed. The default folder is C:\Rman.

3. Login to Windows on each POS Station or Workstation where Retail Man is being used

4. Open the folder on the server where Retail Man is installed

5. Right click on Regdll.exe, then Run as Administrator. Make a note of any errors.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 on each other POS Station or Workstation
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