URGENT....printing problem......URGENT

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URGENT....printing problem......URGENT

Postby Bakul » Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:05 am

:? We are using RetailMan ver. 1.80.70 with an Epson docket printer TM T88IIIP

Since this morning when we print a docket it prints the transaction on first few lines then it starts printing all the transactions of yesterday and before. Result is one long paper of 2 meters or more!

We tried re-indexing the invoice file but the program hangs and we have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to stop the program.

Can someone please help? We are using Win XP SP2.
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Re: URGENT....printing problem......URGENT

Postby graham » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:11 am


Sorry to hear about the issue.

Do the transactions look okay on the screen when you run the POS reports. Please verify?

How much data do your have on your Retail-Man system? Are you allowing enough time for the re-index to complete?

Have you ever done a Defrag of your system disk? I suggest check the data on your system disk and do a Defrag to make the space contiguous.

When you next do a re-index, please try ticking the boxes on the left only. Does this make a difference?

Graham Morris

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Re: URGENT....printing problem......URGENT

Postby sami » Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:18 am


You will need to do a files reindex and let the program finish indexing, if the indexing is not done, then you will experience such problems.
Try to index the files one at a time to see which is taking the longest, also make sure all instances of Rman are closed when you index, otherwise, you will get problems. If the problem persists, then there could be error in the database itself (such as corrupt records) that are causing the problem, in that case, we need to have access to your system to fix the problem.
You can contact us on helpdesk@ezisolution.com, please include your company name and also if you have teamviewer installed on your system, send us the user ID and password.
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