EAN-13 or EAN-14 Barcodes

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EAN-13 or EAN-14 Barcodes

Postby articulan » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:31 pm

Can Retailman be configured to print EAN-13 or 14 barcodes?

When I print barcodes using Retailman and then compare that with what was originally on the packaging the two are very different. Subsequently the scanner doesn't read the barcode I've just printed.

I suspect that it's because the orginal packaging is using EAN-13 barcodes. I don't know what the difference between that and Barcode 128 is so I could be wrong.
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Postby sami » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:41 am

The Barcode 128 is one of the smalles barcodes available, thats why we chose it. It does not really matter which barcode you use as long as the scanner is able to read it. I know the barcodes produced by RMAN are readable, however, we have had instances when the user could not read the barcodes produced by the program due to the very small printed size and the paper used combined with ink-jet printers that produced smudged bars which could not be read.

Try changing the font size by changing the stationary type and print it on a standard paper using laser printer and see if the barcode can be read by your scanner, if it can't then you may have to enable the scanner to read the Barcode 128 font using the manual that comes with it.
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