Link Building Strategies for 2013

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Link Building Strategies for 2013

Postby Grahamson » Fri May 10, 2013 10:52 am

“Links” is defined as “any hypertext link that would normally be used by a search engine to find and rank content within its index for one or more queries.” So here are some Link Building Strategies for 2013,

High Visibility Link Building Strategies
there are Websites out there which already receive millions of visitors per month. One option in your strategic arsenal is to buy links from those Websites. Since these links are not allowed to play in the search indexes you are only buying links that use “rel=’nofollow’”.

Low Visibility Link Building Strategies
Guest posting is fast becoming another Web spam practice. The best guest posts create value for the blogs that publish them. This is the secret ingredient for creating a successful guest posting strategy

Social Media Link Building Strategies
You can surely inflate your social media audience by friending/following/circling random strangers or buying fans/followers but inflated social media audiences don’t click on links. You’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re working for clicks from real people.

Mobile App Link Building
If you can create an app that will so intrigue people they click through to your Website from their mobile devices you should be able do well with this reflective marketing tactic.

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