Data corruption

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Data corruption

Postby capcolliedog » Sat May 02, 2020 3:29 am

Hi there, I've been a user of RetailMan for several years as our shop's ePOS software. I book stock onto it in the correct quantities using the Purchases screen and when the stock is sold it is also recorded in the correct quantity though the POS screen. It's a pretty simple business I'm running - selling technical footware so only five to ten transactions a day. But since the very beginning, RetailMan has corrupted stock quantities and nothing I've been able to do has fixed this. Not long ago it was reporting we had 16 pairs of one size of a mountaineering boot costing over £300 - I wish!

Not for the first time, I've exported all the product data so I can edit it in Excel and reset the quantities to zero to do a manual (and time consuming) stock take and accurately restore the crazy figures. I've then reimported the stock spreadsheet from Excel after setting the quantities back to zero. I then ran the Stock Value Report expecting it to return zero values and instead it reports crazy figures - screenshots attached. I've tried reindexing files every which way and restoring from previous backups - I've even reinstalled the program.

I've never had an accurate stock valuation from RetailMan which is a significant part of what I bought it for. I appreciate that the version I'm running is an old one (2.1.12) but it cost about £400 and I'm loath to upgrade until I find out why this data corruption occurs. Can someone please help me out? There are many things I like about the software but it's becoming more unusable by the week as it corrupts the quantities more and more. Without adding any quantities to the system it's still reporting that I have £1,656,963 of stock value as of today!

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Re: Data corruption

Postby graham » Fri May 08, 2020 5:10 pm

I have replied to your query by E-Mail. Please send support queries to, we need the company name of licence key before we can provide support.
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