Printing of Barcode Labels from Ezi Accounting

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Printing of Barcode Labels from Ezi Accounting

Postby graham » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:34 am

The Barc128c(True Type) has to be installed before barcode labels can be printed. The steps below show how to check, and install the fonts if required.

1. Click on START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL to open the Control Panel.

2. Double click on FONTS icon. This will list out all the installed fonts, should include the Barc128c(True Type) font with a filename of barc128c.ttf.

3. If the required font is not installed, click on File > Install New Font.

4. Open the Ezi Accounting folder, then choose the Barc128c(True Type) from the list of fonts.

5. Windows will tell you it has been installed, click OK. You should now be able to print barcodes.

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