Retail Manager on DropBox

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Retail Manager on DropBox

Postby vick_k » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:09 am


This is for the owners/Admin of RMan so you can market this software Better with this information.

I have copied the whole RMAN folder onto Dropbox (2GB Free Account). It can be accessed from any computer in the world running on windows platform. It does not need any installation or registry files. I can run RMan from anywhere. The only problem is that if two people are working on RMan at the same time, then it creates a conflict file on Dropbox. I only have single user license version 1.81.4. My Question is that if I buy one additional user license, can two people work on the same database from two locations using different login at the same time without creating a conflict file????? If it can, I would like to buy two more additional user licenses or better if you can give it to me for free for sharing this information with you.

Oh one more thing FYI, once you create a shortcut on your desktop from dropbox for Rman.exe. You need to right click and run as Administrator to be able to send emails and "save as" options. Also it will run a small patch file automatically in seconds on the new computer so you can send emails. Just click "OK" or "Next" on it (I forgot that message screen".


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