How to create a group of items sold as a unit

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How to create a group of items sold as a unit

Postby Spraxy » Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:47 pm

Dear Sami,

I need a solution to this problem. In a shop certain items are sold as "a number of units as one unit". For instance, 3 toffees are always sold together as 1 unit. (eg 3 Hacks Toffees for 0.50) These units are taken from the bigger pack containing 50 Toffees. The shop sells the pack as a whole and also sells 3 pieces for 0.50. A single toffee is NEVER sold.

Creating the stock card for the "PACK OF HACKS" sold as a whole is routine. The problem is creating a stock card for the sale of 3 pieces for 0.50 (in other words "one set" for 0.50, but the set contains 3 pieces. 2 sets would contain 6 pieces and so on)

I have proceeded as follows:
A. Created a stock card H1260 for the full pack of Hacks which is sold as it is. (Stock Item)
B. Created a stock card H1260-10 (HACKS TOFFEE) for one piece hacks Toffee. (Stock Item) Neither cost nor Selling price has been given to this item.
C. Created a stock card H1260-11 (HACKS TOFFEE 3 PIECES SET) for 3 pieces Hacks Toffee (as a package). Retail Price = 0.50. The associated cost 0f the 3 pieces is entered at the last cost field on this card as 0.195. (This was created following the How to Handle Packages / Assembled Items by sami » Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:36 am)

The problem is that when you ring up the sale for H1260-11, 2 lines show on the screen as follows: (assuming 1 set is being sold)
H1260-11 HACKS TOFFEE 3 PIECES SET 1 0.50 0.50
H1260-10 HACKS TOFFEE 3 0.00

With the above, the total quantity shown as sold (at the bottom of the POS screen) is 4.

Suppose 2 "sets" are sold, the scenario is as shown below:
H1260-11 HACKS TOFFEE 3 PIECES SET 2 0.50 1.00
H1260-10 HACKS TOFFEE 3 0.00
the total quantity shown as sold (at the bottom of the POS screen) is 5.

In all instances, the correct amount is shown. The error lies in the quantity being recorded as sold. I will be most grateful for assistance to resolve this nightmarish situation please.

Many Thanks.
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Re: How to create a group of items sold as a unit

Postby fengu » Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:26 pm

I have a situation sometimes when i sell one item i will give a free gift with it. it may be helpful for your situation.

for example there are 3 items A, B, C.
first create stock card for all 3 items. then if there 3 items are sold as a group, in item A's stock card find "Item Content" and input the other 2 items details.
when item A is scaned the other two item will also pop up. on the invoice will show all 3 items.
if you do the same with item B and C, then whichever item is scaned the other 2 will always pop up automatically.

hope this is helpful.
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