Multi-location Setup Using DataSync

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Multi-location Setup Using DataSync

Postby graham » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:28 am

Multi-location features are not enabled with the standard licence key. Please ask for a demo licence key with the multi-location features enabled. We need to know the company name, the number of stores and the number of users per store.

One installation of Retail Man is needed for each store. These must be the same version of Retail Man. Also, the setup of the Accounts must be the same for each store. Version 2.7.20 of Retail Man and upwards is recommended as this includes DataSync program. For older versions of Retail man, the link for downloading DataSync is below.

The modkey.dbf file will be filled with all the station keys. We need the modkey,dbf file from each location after each station has been started, along with details of the company name. We will reply with a replacement modkey.dbf. The user just copies it on top of the existing file and there will be no need for entering any licence keys.

You will probably need access to the remote store. You can use Quick Assist in Windows or TeamViewer for the remote access.

Please make sure the short-cuts in each location are entered correctly for the station number only. You can view or change the shortcut by doing a right click on the shortcut (on Start Menu or Desktop), select Properties, then look at the details for Target on the Shortcut tab.

Location 1 Short-cut: (for station 1)
c:\rman\rman.exe 1

Location 2 Short-cut: (for station 2)
c:\rman\rman.exe 2

Location 3 Short-cut: (for station 1)
c:\rman\rman.exe 1

You need to set up each location in Retail Man. To do that, start the program, then when on the main screen, press the Control + Home buttons to get the option so change the location, then change to location, then go to Maintenance > System Setup and enter the company name and location in there. Extra options are under Maintenance, System Setup, Locations. Please ensure that the two parameters are set correctly beside Location. The intervals for the Sync Timers should now be too short. Consider carefully which files are to be updated between locations.

All that you need to do is setup the short-cuts on the head office computer for each store, this will allow them to see each store separately. If using Version 2.6 or higher, you can only have one short-cut and access the different stores using the Control + Home buttons to choose the store they need to see. Also most of the required reports allow the user to choose one store or all stores. Head office must have enough users to work on all stores.

Failure to add the store number on the short-cut will cause a problem when trying to read the sales from head office, it will also cause a problem with your data. So make sure the short-cuts are setup properly. You will also need to Run the program xPort.exe on all remote locations to let the system send your sales data to the head office, and you will also need to run iPort.exe in head office to import that data.

Please see the document link below on how to setup the system, also the contents of multi-location_readme.txt which is listed below.

1. Ensure that Version 2.7.21 or higher of Retail Man is being used at each store.

2. Make a note of which folder that Retail Man is installed at each store. It will help if the same folder is used at each store.

3. When running Retail Man remotely ensure that the correct folder is used for the local and remote Retail Man.

4. Please make one store the master (or Head Office) and copy data from this.

5. Please consider what data you need to enter locally in each store, and which data will be transferred from Head Office. Will the price of stock be the same in each store? Will stock be delivered directly to each store or delivered to Head Office, then to the stores?

6. It is important to use the same Account codes in each store, also that each store has the same version of Retail Man. Each store will need to be changed to use the same Account codes as Head Office.

7. Please do not do a restore from backup unless there are major issues. Install the latest Retail Man Version 2.7.x as an update after restoring from backup


This is a replacement for CopyStk.exe and GetStk.exe which is included in Version 2.7.20 onwards. Please search the Help file for Locations and Multi-Locations for more information about the setup for Datasync.exe.

See Maintenance, System Setup, Locations for the setup. This option is not available with the standard licence key. Access to the FTP server is setup on Maintenance, System Setup, Web Link.


This utility program is used to copy the stock and its related files to a zipped file called


This file can be run in command mode, or interactive mode.
To run in interactive mode, just invoke the exe file from Windows and follow the instructions.

To run in command mode, create a short-cut with 2 parameters as follows:

CopyStk.exe "Parameter=xxxxxxxxxxx" "Y=Silent (optional)"')

Example: to copy the stock file only, and run the program silently:

CopyStk.exe 10000000111 Y

Each file has a value of either 1 or zero, 1 means to copy the file while 0 is ignore
The files are:

1 - Stock.dbf file
2 - Stk_qty.dbf file (required for multi-locations)
3 - Stock History file
4 - Debtors (Clients) file
5 - Creditors (suppliers) file
6 - Staff file
7 - Company file
8 - Quick Menu file
9 – Serials File
10- Packages file
11- Equivalent Part_Nos File

This utility program is used to copy the information stored in the that was created by the CopyStk.exe utility


GetStk.exe : Will copy the data from the where GetStk.exe is residing

getstk x:\rman\ : will copy from a local or remote location

getstk FTP : will copy from FTP server (must have the ftp parameters entered in the program)


This program is used to copy the sales data from a remote machine to the server.
It can run in interactive or command mode.
You can set the program to run at certain intervals (minutes), if run in silent mode, it will send the data and quit.

xPort.exe S : Run the program in silent mode (command mode)
xPort.exe : run the program in interactive mode

Will import the date that was send from remote locations and is sitting in the InBox subfolder.


iPort.exe 5 : Run the import every 5 minutes
iPort.exe 1 once : Will run the import once
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